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  Vecta on Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  Customer Relationship Management rarely works despite the massive investments made in the technology to support it.

Expectations were set too high; implementation costs often escalated beyond initial estimates; and, maybe, there is a fundamental flaw.

  At Vecta we believe that businesses have to succeed on three key dimensions:
  • product or technology leadership
  • operational excellence
  • customer intimacy
It is the last of these that suffers in most CRM implementations. In the effort to capture and understand customer's buying patterns and intentions at low cost, companies often lose the human touch that differentiated them from their competitors and allowed them to understand what those customers' future needs would be.
People scoff at some of the location-based services being proposed by mobile operators knowing that unsolicited interruptions annoy those interrupted.

Noone likes the multi-level call centre systems that prevent you talking to anyone human unless you spend forever waiting.

Everyone gets annoyed by the telesales call that interrupts a quiet dinner after a long day at work yet the telesales managers know it is the only time their targets are at home.

Noone likes the financial services pitch that focuses on the product that is more likely to earn commission for the salesperson than meet the customer's true need.

Few potential customer benefits of CRM truly benefit all customers - one size never fits all.

Just as discounting and other promotional efforts, while sometimes securing short-term sales increases, often lead to long-term dissatisfied customers and lower margins unless supported by core product improvements; so these CRM efforts lead to dissatisfied clients and undermined brands.

All because CRM implementers often focus on short term sales rather than long-term customer-centricity and, as a result, end up harassing rather than helping the potential customer.

Yet it can be done better. Any CRM development must balance the real benefits to each customer against the benefits to the supplier - a tricky problem. Vecta can help solve the issues.

Our Process Automation Experts Network is dedicated to exploring developments in process automation and enterprise integration. This involves projecting the evolution of enterprise and plant level functionality and identifying strategic business needs. It also requires identifying issues related to supplier and partner selection.


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