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Vecta Consulting
We solve business and technology problems in five sectors
Whether supplier or user, we can help:

In the Automation sector, Vecta helps you improve the efficency of your operations, minimise downtime, improve the integration of plant and management information, or automate key processes.

As a Communications user, Vecta helps you improve the effectiveness of your organisation's data or voice communications ; as a Communications supplier Vecta helps you bring a technology to market faster, at less cost, and more profitably, while as an investor Vecta helps you to understand better whether an investment or acquisition target can deliver on its promises.

In the Media business, Vecta helps you create and distribute innovative content that will attract, regain or retain audiences, increase revenues (or reduce costs) per viewer, or to integrate production, archiving and distribution better.

Vecta helps you get best value in Security for your people and assets applying best practices in deterrence, delay, detection, response, and neutralisation.

As a Technology investor or supplier, Vecta helps you to understand better which technology is likely to disrupt existing business models, which is likely to be most effective in any particular application, and which is maturing and, of course, to be sure that the finance, marketing, people, operations, and technology resources are in place.

As a Technology user, Vecta helps you to understand better the risks of attempting to deploy various technologies and the appropriate level of risk appetite for your organisation and project. We can then help you procure that project successfully to assure the predicted outcomes.

Whatever the scale or development stage of your business, we may be able to help you cast new light on a business or technology issue; call us.

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