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  Are you a technology fanatic, conservative, sceptic, or Luddite? Which should you be in which situation?

Can you ever afford to "bet the company" on an emerging technology that may boost your company, and you, to a major competitive advantage?

Can you afford to let a competitor apply the technology before you? Would you get most value by moving first - or later?

Who are the key people behind successful technology investments?

Could adoption of an emerging technology transform one of your suppliers, collaborators or even customers into a competitor?

Where will that technology emerge? Should you be partnering in some way to minimise risks, reduce costs, and shorten time to market - and cash?

Are the finance, marketing, operations and technology resources in place to ensure that an emerging technology will win through? Is there a big enough unfulfilled market need?

Some technology areas are still evolving rapidly with the potential to create opportunities for new or agile competitors to grow and profit from the refined value chain.

Which of these technology areas is still generating emerging technology? Which are still over-hyped? Which are now under-valued? Which are maturing? Which are going nowhere? Which threatens to kill an existing line of your business? Which promises to create a new $multiB market for someone? Could it be you?

3G, 4G,
Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor, Adaptive Frequency Hopping, ADSL, Advanced Mobile Phone System, AFH, Advanced Process Control, AJAX, AMPS, AMTFT, Analogue switch-off, Android, APC, AppStore, ASP,
BCM, BER, BI, Biometrics, Bit Error Rate, Bluetooth, botnet, BPO, broadband, Business Intelligence
C, C++, C#, CAN, CDMA, CGI, Cloud, CloudStore, Code Division Multiple Access, COFDM, COM, Content Addressable Database, Content on Demand, Controller Area Network, CORBA, CRM, CRT, cyber-security
DAB, DAM, Data mining, DCOM, DCS, DDOS, DDR, Dense Wave Division Multiplex, DHTML, digital asset management, Digital Cinema, Digital Radio, Digital Radio Mondiale, digital rendering, Digital Rights Management, Digital Shopping, Digital TV, Distributed Control Systems, DRAM, Dreamcast, DRM, DSL, DSP, DVB, DVB-T, DVD, DVD-Audio, DWDM, Dynamics Control,
EAI, e-cash, e-commerce, EDGE, ELD, Enhanced Data for Global Evolution, EPG, ERP systems, Extreme Programming,
Fast Fourier Transform, FDD, FDMA, Feature Phone, FED, FFT, Fiber to the Kerb, Firewire, Flash, Flash Memory, Flat Panel Displays, FMD, Forward Error Coding, Frequency Division Duplex, Frequency Division Multiple Access, Fuel Cells
Game Console, GameCube, GAN , G-Cloud, General Packet Radio Service, GEO, Gigabit Ethernet, Global Area Network, GPRS, Google, Grid Computing, GSM,
Handset, HDTV, High Speed Circuit Switched Data, Home Networks, HSCSD, HSDPA, HTML, Hyperlink,
IaaS, IEEE 902.11, Information Assurance, Information Governance, information protection, Ink Jet Printing, Intellectual Property, Interactive TV, Internet of Things, Internet PC, Inter Symbol Interference, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPlayer, iPod, IP v6, ISDN, ISI, ISO, ISP, Itanium,
J2EE, J2ME, Java, JavaScript,
knowledge management,
LAN, LCD, LDMOS, LEO, Licensing, Linux, Low Voltage Differential Signalling, LTE, LVDS,
m-commerce, Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES, Metadata, MHP, micropayments, MIMO, MMRPG, MMS, mobile multimedia, mobile phone, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, Multimedia Home Platform, multimedia messaging service, MVNO,
Nanotechnology, NT-based systems,
OFDM, OLED, Open Source, Open Standard, Oracle, Organic polymers, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, OS
PAN, PaaS, PAS, Patent, PC, PCS 1900, PDA, Pentium, Perl, Personal Area Network, personal electronics, Personal Video Recorder, Phased Array Antenna, phishing, PHP, PKI, PL/SQL, Plasma screens, Plastic Fen, Plastic Logic, PlayStation2, PLC, portals, pre-block fraud detection, process automation systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Public Key Infrastructure, PVR
Radio Frequency Identification, Radio Resources Management, Raspberry-Pi, RDBMS, RDRAM, Relational Database, RF-ID, RISC, Router, Royalty, RRM, RUP,
SaaS, SACD, SAIC, Satellite TV, Semiconducting polymer, SDH, server, Session Initiation Protocol, Set Top Box, Shockwave, Short Messaging Service, Silicon, Silicon fen, SIM, Single Antenna Interference Cancellation, SIP, Smart Content, Smart Phone, SMS, SOAP, Social Networks, Software Defined Radio, Solaris, SONET, Spectrum, Speech recognition, SPOT, Spread Spectrum, Statistical Multiplexing, STB, Subscriber Identity Module, Super Audio CD, Super Video CD, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
Tablet, TACS, T-commerce, TCL, TCP/IP, TDD, TDMA, TD-SCDMA, TFT, Time Division Duplex, Time Division Multiple Access, Total Access Communications System
UDDI, Ultra Wide Band, UML, UMTS, Unified Modelling Language, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, Unix, URL, USB, UWB, UX
VDSL, VHI, Video CD, Video On Demand, Virtualisation, Virtual Private Network, virus, Visual Basic, Visual Human Interaction, VOD, Voice over IP, VPN,
WAP, Wave Division Multiplex, W-CDMA, WDM, Web Content Management, Web Services, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, WiFi, WiMax, Wireless Application Protocol, wLAN, Windows, Windows-based control systems, workstation, WSDL,
XBox, xDSL, XML, XP.
Who do you think are the stars behind these technolgies - let us know.
If you don't know the answers, we can help by profiling your business against a series of emerging technology threats and opportunities. Strategic Technology Profiling will help you create more options for your company's, and your, future. Whether you are a technology creator, investor, or exploiter we can help by advising on whether, where, when, and with whom you should partner and why. Strategic Technology Partnering will help you make the right choice and avoid most of the perils and pitfalls of partnering.
If you would like us to give a definition - or opinion - of one of the above technologies - let us know; we can also help when a technology project goes wrong.

Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

  Which technology will disrupt?

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