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  Many corporations have invested heavily to codify knowledge and make it readily available to their staff, and sometimes customers and suppliers, so as to streamline operations.

While this approach can give benefits, it makes the corporation vulnerable to leakage of information to competitors allowing them to respond rapidly, almost in zero time, to a competitive move.

It can also be damaging to the value of a company in the event of its dissolution; corporate break-ups are not easily achieved but data break-up is almost impossible with today's systems.

  When business-critical information resided in filing cabinets, people's heads and in bespoke software systems it may have been difficult to use on a day-to-day basis but it was also relatively easy to secure.

Knowledge management, especially in the form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, has the potential to make companies more efficient but easier, more widespread access to business-critical knowledge also makes a company vulnerable.

When gigabytes of data can be stored on just a few CD-ROMs or DVDs, great care is needed to ensure that copies of such data cannot easily fall into the wrong hands. Even encryption is little protection against a determined or resourceful attacker.

In the US, 85 per cent of large firms and government agencies have been affected by security breaches in the last 12 months and almost two-thirds admit the attacks have cost them millions of dollars.

In over 90% of firms staff had abused their internet access privileges - such as downloading pornography or pirate software, or misusing e-mail systems. Forty per cent have been hacked, and almost all affected by computer viruses.

Does your system:

  • deter taking, or passing on, copies of critical information?
  • delay the reuse of the stolen information?
  • detect that copies have been taken?
  • respond effectively when losses are detected?
  • neutralise those losses in some way?
  Protecting an organisation's critical information can be as important as ensuring that information is available to those who need it when they need it. Security strategies need to include both human and technology considerations.

Our Security Experts Network is dedicated to exploring the key issues related to developments in security. This involves projecting the performance of various security methods and technologies, identifying threats and risks.


Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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