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  What if you only invested in your best 10% of technology projects?
  The world keeps producing the talent and technology that will better match our needs in a more value-effective way.

But the technology - whether for communications, IT or media - is often surrounded by hype as people project capability/cost curves - and understate risks - in anticipation of markets being developed.

Is there a technology strategy that will focus your resources on the 10% potentially most successful investments?

  Let us review your technology strategy and help you answer these questions:
  • How do you identify, evaluate and deploy the technologies that will keep your business effective and efficient?
  • How do you see through the hype that surrounds most product and service offerings to focus on the most appropriate ones and ensure that the budgetted benefits really do come through - on time and for as long as needed?
  • How do you choose the most appropriate way to gain access to the technologies you need to remain competitive especially as licensing techniques are becoming more sophisticated?
  • How do you manage the interplay between e-services, contact centres and account management?
  • How do you manage, or preferably avoid, disruption of your operations as you introduce technology change?
  • How do you select technology partners and suppliers to ensure best results with good value?
  Our Technology Experts Network is dedicated to exploring developments in technology. This involves projecting the likely evolution of technologies, identifying potential markets and understanding revenue models and valuations.
  Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.
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