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  Software has become pervasive; helping businesses automate access to better quality information and automate many services delivered to customers.
  Monopolies and duopolies have been established in many maturing areas but areas with greater innovation continue to spawn new companies, not all of which will survive to profitability let alone maturity.

Who can be trusted to be around next year when even the very largest can crumble within a short period? And, even if they are around, will they still have the same goals and offer the service you need? A time to be wary.

Nevertheless, despite the problems, technology moves on and competitive advantage can be gained - or lost - by choices that have to be made.

Doing nothing is not an option.

  As a software and systems user:
  • When should you join the tornado of users switching from today's underperforming technology to tomorrow's promising, but risky, one?
  • Would cloud-based services reduce your company's overall costs and are there other advantages to be gained from the scalability of this technology?
  • How can you reduce your operating costs?
  • Can you reduce travel cost and wasted time by better use of office automation technology or video-conferencing?
  As a technology or service supplier:
  • How can you bring a product or service to market, at less cost, and more profitably?
  • How can you increase your confidence that the product really is suited to the market at which it is targetted?
  • Are there other applications that you have not considered?
  • Is your business investor-ready or, if already floated, investor-friendly?
  • With whom, and how, should you collaborate to make more effective use of your network?
  As a SITS investor:
  • Which software and systems technologies are more likely to disrupt existing models and why?
  • Which players have a better than average chance of successfully introducing the disruptive technology?
  • Who is best at attracting, regaining and retaining customers, helping achieve higher market share and profitability?
  • Who is likely to benefit most from the technology and who will make money from it?
  The market opportunity is very large. In the UK alone, some $50 billions pa of IT services are provided and around $20 billions pa invested in ITequipment, in addition to some $12 billions pa spent on software.
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  Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem. And we can help when a system project goes wrong.
  What is your challenge?

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