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  Vecta on Strategic Technology Profiling & Partnering
  Strategic technologies, like core competences, really make a difference fo those that master one or more of them.
Companies perfecting technology to extract maximum value from their customers must beware of disruptive technologies that can mature in a competitor\rquote s hands to outperform their own offering. Thus warned Clayton Christensen in his book "The Innovator's Dilemma" and , more recently, in his article "Skate to where the money will be" in Harvard Business Review.

Being too loyal to a blinkered technology supplier can be equally damaging.

Vecta have two ways of helping clients make the most of the opportunities created by strategic technology.

Strategic Technology Profiling is aimed primarily at technology consumers that must be aware of the opportunities created as new technologies enter widespread use. The innovations that relentlessly increase the value-effectiveness of processors, memory, communications, displays, and other technologies can leave their business strategy exposed. The approach reviews a business's medium term strategy and tests it for vulnerability to medium term technology trends, identifying areas of strategy that need to be reviewed.

Strategic Technology Partnering is aimed primarily at technology creators; helping them reduce costs, risks and l ead times by collaborating effectively with a range of suppliers and partners. The approach identifies areas which are likely to be sources of sustained future business value and those activities that are likely to remain central to differentiation and th ose that could be outsourced. The area in between is rich territory for collaborations.

We can help you decide if, how, where and when to collaborate; how and with whom.
For a copy of "Buy, Collaborate, Make: the new order" click here
Collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary to maximise financial return as product development costs and risks escalate. Choosing when and where to compete or collaborate with the right partners using the right forms of collaboration is the foundation. Knowing how to collaborate effectively with a partner in one area while competing intensely with the same partner in another is adding a new dimension to product development. Changing partners from one product generation to another is also necessary to minimise the threat from disruptive technology.

Our Operations Experts Network is dedicated to exploring the key issues related to developments in business performance. This involves projecting the evolution of enterprise and plant level functionality, identifying strategic business needs and understanding revenue models and valuations.


Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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