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  Vecta on Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  MMS is the multimedia version of the stunningly successful SMS (Short Messaging Service) for text messages on mobile phones.

It will add audio and video to the text and voice messages already exchanged between compatible phones and provides enormous potential for creative users.

  A new generation of mobile phones is emerging which exploit GPRS or HSCSD to provide faster WAP connections and allow users to add their own applications and games. Many new handsets now include integrated cameras and MMS support as a key way to regenerate interest in handsets and open the way to 3G services.

GSM has been a major success for mobile voice communication but its circuit-orientation and limited data bandwidth has been one of the major factors, along with display limitations, preventing migration from voice and text to richer forms of communication.

  MMS is a key element in enabling the era of personal multimedia; GPRS and HSCSD rollouts are slowly widening the pipe to mobile handsets, Handset makers are beginning to incorporate MMS, cameras and larger screens, and, perhaps most important, 3rd Generation mobile wireless systems will eventually provide the hundreds of kilobits per second necessary to deliver video to the smaller mobile screens. MMS may help snapshots and soundbites become the basis of the killer applications that make 3G systems pay.

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