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  Interactive Television is the name given to a derivative of digital television in which various additional facilities enhance the traditional TV viewing experience.
Definitions of interactivity vary from the "point and zap" remote operation of TV and PVR controls, via audience voting and multi-choice answers to quiz shows, to the fully "lean forward" games console interaction that affects the second-to-second viewing experience within a virtual 3D environment.

Core features of Interactive TV include Video on Demand - either for "pay as you go for one time access to" movies and events coverage or for "subscriptions for several hours access to" a set of programmes, enhanced TV to supplement the picture with multiple viewpoints or picture streams and additional information, innovative advertising with product placement cues, Internet access for e-mail and general access, and television-based shopping - T-Commerce.

Today's Interactive TV experience is limited by technology, especially capacity limitations in the return channel carrying data back to the broadcaster. However this is being improved and, in any case, innovative "Over The Top" combinations of broadcast TV with broadband Internet, games consoles, smartphones, tablets and Set Top Boxes - with or without related shopping opportunities - may help reverse the declining trend in TV audiences.

Interactive TV has the potential to attract a new form of home shopping audience in which catalogue and routine grocery shopping are supplemented by news of new products and special offers, especially with product placement increasing shopping prompts. The use of short promotional videos could allow a wider range of goods to be sold than is possible by catalogue or Internet PC. It has the potential to allow TV to win back eyeball time lost over recent years to games, Internet PC, and video and also to regenerate advertising revenues but not, perhaps, in the traditional form.

Our Digital Commerce Experts Network is dedicated to exploring the key issues related to developments in digital commerce and entertainment. This involves projecting the evolution of the competitive platforms - games consoles, mobile handsets, PC, and TV, identifying popular applications and understanding revenue models and valuations. It also requires identifying issues related to supplier and partner selection for commerce.


Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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