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  Satellite Television is the name given to television broadcast to viewers in a large area from a geostationary satellite. Although the cost of the dish aerial and Set Top Box is higher than competitive cable or terrestrial systems, very large populations can be reached from one satellite and, especially with digital channel encoding and multiplexing, the large number of channels carried makes the cost per received channel cost-competitive. Economies of scale also work when purchasing content to transmit to customers.
Strategically, satellite systems are more compatible with the aspirations of global players than either cable or terrestrial systems which are easier to regulate within a national boundary due to their need for local infrastructure.

However, some users may not want, or be allowed, to install the small but obtrusive dish aerial needed to receive the signal. Also security systems are needed to prevent users outside the target area from decoding the signal although this latter requirement is a key part of any pay TV operation. also some would-be users cannot receive satellite signals through lack of a suitable place to mount the dish so that it can "see" the near-horizon position of the satellite.

Typical core facilities include:

Pay TV, in which subscribers pay, usually monthly, for access to a set of channels;

Video on Demand, in which viewers pay for access to a single programme, typically a movie or sports event;

"Free-to-view" channels, usually provided by a public service broadcaster.

The satellites are usually owned and operated by specialist operators and satellite broadcasters provide a service to their subscribers by beaming their TV channels to their subscribers via rented satellite transponders, each of which carries a number of channels.

Apart from receipts from subscribers, satellite broadcasters also receive fees from some of the channel providers who, in turn, get revenue from commercial activity and advertising.

Satellite TV is on the way to becoming the dominant delivery mechanism for digital TV despite the lack of the integral return channel necessary for Interactive TV , although some progress is being made on this feature as broadband becomes more pervasive, faster and integrated.

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