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  Vecta on Dynamics Control
  Dynamics Controllers are revolutionising the control of complex capital equipment requiring precise motion of position control.

Dynamics controllers incorporate the digital signal processing technology that has been deployed so successfully in the mobile telecommincations sector. Users can now match the unit's transfer function almost perfectly, even catering for progressive wear, rather than accept the limitations of simpler three-term control algorithms.

  Dynamics Controllers, whether implemented as module, board or micro-core can be applied to:
  • modelling: to improve both the accuracy and performance of complex models
  • simulation: to improve simulation accuracy and flexibility; especially where hardware in the loop simulation allows progressive assessment of components
  • data acquisition: to enrich the computation and conditioning of real-time input data
  • data analysis: to improve accuracy and performance
  • real-time control: to improve the dynamic control of e.g. acceleration, momentum, position, or velocity
  • real-time condition monitoring: to help drivers avoid high-wear conditions or avoid in-service breakdowns by anticipating maintenance interventions
  • real-time diagnosis: to give early warning of significant deviations from acceptable performance whether to advise a driver or repairer
Use of DSP-based dynamics controllers can significantly improve the performance of complex capital equipment used in vehicles and manufacturing machinery.

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