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  Internet businesses, whether ASP, ISP, or portal, exist in a world where aggressive marketing, complex technology and novel revenue models are commonplace.

They need a dynamic innovation and marketing strategy designed to build the community quickly, while lowering costs and raising revenue-per-user faster than the competition; all under time, cost, and profitability pressures.

Internet Service Providers must evolve their access, website, email and other service offerings rapidly to embrace new search engines, broad and deep portals, microportals and personal agents while introducing more creative tariffs better matched to their users' needs.

Application Service Providers give users access to software, as and when required, over the Internet. Their services range from simple hosting of email services or websites to, in some specialised cases, provision of complex software packages. Evolving into Cloud Services Providers, these players now offer infrastructure, systems software and applicatiosn as services with considerable cost and flexibility advantages to businesses that need to upscale or downscale their operations.

Portals are websites that attract visitors with a range of popular services including on-line chat, games, and news and entice visitors to use the services of a range of commercial partners.

Few of these businesses have been able to make profits usually because the cost of attracting and retaining users by providing the proposed service exceeds the price many of those customers are willing to pay. Reducing time to cash and Attracting and Retaining Profitable Customers are key process skills for these businesses if they are to become truly profitable within acceptable timeframes.

Our Digital Commerce Experts Network is dedicated to exploring the key issues related to developments in digital commerce and entertainment. This involves projecting the evolution of the competitive platforms - games consoles, mobile handsets, PC, and TV, identifying popular applications and understanding revenue models and valuations. It also requires identifying issues related to supplier and partner selection for commerce.


Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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