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  Vecta on the Plastic Fen
  Display technology, after years of dominance by CRT, is ripe for disruptive innovation.

Electroluminescent technology using organic polymers is being used to create dispays with progessively higher densities, better colour accuracy than LCDs, and similar response times to CRTs yet, because they can be printed using low-cost ink-jet technology, at much lower cost.

These same organic semiconductor polymers can be printed as low power logic devices which could lead to a raft of new, low cost, intelligent applications that do not require the enormously expensive fabrication plants needed to process Silicon.

  One area of the world uniquely able to capitalise on this technology could be Cambridge, UK which is the home of the Cavendish Laboratory that holds key organic polymer patents, and is rapidly developing a hi-tech community of industrial and academic players working together to create the businesses of the future.

Cambridge has already spawned several very successful specialist high-performance printing companies, including Domino Printing Sciences plc and Xaar plc with Cambridge Display Technologies Limited, Plastic Logic Limited, and others applying this technology to the exploitation of organic polymer devices.

  The logic and display capabilities of organic semiconductor polymers, combined with their ability to be printed at low cost could create an enormous range of new applications and help develop the "Plastic Fen" into a major world centre for electronics. However many of these fledgeling companies fail to collaborate effectively in their early stages and may end up selling out before their full value is realised.

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