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  You want to protect your business assets - buildings, capital, e-mail, equipment, information, materials, people and website - from external and internal attack. Tags and keys alone are not enough.

More importantly, you have to protect the personal financial, health and social information of your staff, users and customers in an increasingly on-line world in which centralised databases are under persistent attack by criminals, government agents, hackers and terrorists.

We review your security chain, identifying the attractiveness of your key assets; assessing how you can deter, delay, respond to, and neutralise, any potential attack; and evaluating the cost and value of possible improvements.

New threat and counter-threat technologies are emerging that will change how we live.

Mobile has changed things; BYOD made security much harder; now the Internet of Things could be infiltrating your systems day by day.

PRISM, Protection Requirments In Security Modelling, helps us model and review your security arrangements so as to ensure their cost-effectiveness.

Our SLICS (Self-Learning Integrated Cyber-Security) devices are "plug and play" hardware solutions to the protection of your Home or Small Business network against malicious interference.

  Whether your problem is fraud, loss , theft , or a more aggressive form of security threat, we may be able to help. And, perish the thought, we can help when a system project goes wrong.
  Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.
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