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  Vecta on Carriage of Digital Content
  Marriages established in the movie, music and TV industries between content creators and distributors or carriers - whether using film, TV, Internet PC, games console, PDA, or mobile phone - are not easy ones with each suspicious of the other.

Attempts to form integrated content and carrier businesses, like AOL-Time Warner and Vivendi Universal, in the digital world have foundered to date, yet more of these marriages and relationships will be essential.

  Value chains are changing as Games Consoles, 3G handsets, Internet PC, and Set Top Boxes become the gateways to consumers no longer locked to a limited number of TV channels and local cinemas.

Perhaps the vertical markets favoured by old monopolists are becoming a thing of the past and the PC market model will prevail when digital content has to be carried to the consumer?

  Content owners will have to think beyond the rental approach they normally apply to rights negotiations and carriers will need to think about more than the price for carriage if both are to succeed in creating a vibrant market for digital content.

Maybe our increasing ability to create and share our own content will move the boundaries being set by Reality TV and destroy markets for indifferent and recycled broadcast material?

  Formats and bandwidth may become the overriding issues in delivering digital content to consumers. Novel formats capable of being carried cost-effectively may enable new thinking by both groups.

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