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  Convergence means different things to different people but it is always interesting.

To many it is the relentless creation of new business possibilities as creative and cultural people exploit the possibilities arising from the spread of digital technologies from their computing roots, via telecommunication, into new media.

Convergence is - arguably - the most powerful source of innovation; spawning new ways to deliver entertainment, information and education to wherever, whenever and however we want to receive it.

Whatever the definition, convergence is changing the way we live.

Most of us already experience SmartPhones, the Internet PC, the Games Console, Digital TV, and the DVD Player on a daily basis. Many use a digital camera, or a digital camcorder to record our holiday moments. Some are taking snapshots and video clips on their SmartPhones, increasingly uploadnbg instantly to the web or a home server.

Some use video-editing tools and DVD writers to transform those moments into longer lasting productions. Some will already be creating the early stages of demand for the next generation storage devices that will displace DVD and its bigger Blu-Ray brother. Just as its penetration was the fastest-ever consumer product, maybe its demise will also be the fastest ever as users become frustrated by its limited capacity for handling full quality high-definition video, perhaps the next big driver of digital technology as our home and public screens beecome larger.

Our devices are becoming more interconnected as Bluetooth, wireless LANs, and 3G communication spread, with LTE promising even more mobility.

We now have affordable camcorders capable of near broadcast quality video; our PCs are fast enough to perform real-time rendering; our hard disks can readily capture many hours of HD video and our SmartPhones increasingly allow us to do these things whervere and whenever we choose.

And we are beginning to see social networks integrate informatiion and services from several sources over several platforms.

The next five years will be interesting as FaceBook ad Google drag Intel, Microsoft and the entire digital industry into a new era of personal entertainment, information and education with the PC, increasingly in mobile form, remaining at the centre. Critical to success has been the emergence of a new high-capacity removable medium - the SD memory card - that, for the first time, did not itself emerge from the consumer entertainment industry. User-created content will - eventually - prevail with each form of wireless communication - eventually - having a specific role.

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