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  Vecta on the Digital Media Park
  The creative industry, from Hollywood to Soho, has always clustered relatively small operations into a village-like community of focused entrepreneurial activity on the Digital Media Park

Digital Media with its extensive use of technology allows such villages to be located far from city centres opening up quality of life possibilities that were previously only available on weekends and holidays. Trade-offs between travelling to key client meetings are more than offset by integration with established local creative communities.

  But there are keys - and barriers - to success for a digital media park
The host country must be politically stable and relatively safe and have laws that allow free movement of capital, including repatriation of dividends and foreign ownership of equity and respect for intellectual property rights.

There must be a flow of people with skills in media, technology and entrepreneurship; those people require a diversity of life style choices, including housing, education, personal safety, healthcare, and a pleasing clean natural environment.

To achieve and maintain critical mass, the DMP must attract and retain, through suitable incentives, a number of anchor tenants whose presence and activity attracts others. A strong relationship between the digital media community and local educational institutions can be formed into centres of excellence that promote and nurture corporate and personal capability in the field.

The physical infrastructure, from buildings, sanitation, and utilities, via roads, rail, and air connections, to entertainment and natural beauty, affects staff turnover via a family's willingness to commit to the area.

The Media Park needs to be managed as a going concern with a board of directors, an executive management team and clearly defined - achievable and measurable - objectives, and the requisite financial and political support.

The marketing of the Media Park is a full time proposition with a plan for growth, over and above natural churn.

With increased emphasis on innovative content, there is a great need to focus media resources on efficient origination of compelling content.
A Digital Media Park can overcome many of the inefficiencies of today's city-centre media villages while reaping the cultural and creative benfits of their location.

Our Digital Commerce Experts Network is dedicated to exploring the key issues related to developments in digital commerce and entertainment. This involves projecting the evolution of the competitive platforms - games consoles, mobile handsets, PC, and TV, identifying popular applications and understanding revenue models and valuations. It also requires identifying issues related to supplier and partner selection for commerce.


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