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Frank Morris BSc(Eng), ACGI, CEng, FIET

  Frank Morris has over 30 years of experience in electronics and systems development, technology management and international consulting.

Over the last 8 years, Frank has helped hundreds of emerging and established international companies across North America and Europe to internationalise their businesses exploiting his deep knowledge of the UK technology market and effective entry strategies and tactics.

Before founding the business and technology consulting firm, Vecta Consulting Limited, Frank was an Associate Director with various parts of the Arthur D Little group, where he was also a Division Manager and Head of Technology Consulting.

Frank previously served as Technical Director of Kent Process Control Systems Limited, now integrated into ABB's Industrial Division, where he developed and delivered robust, large-scale process automation systems to blue chip process industry clients around the globe.

He has strategy and technology expertise across a wide range of e-enabled industries, including automation, communications, electronics, media, cyber-security and software.

Among his clients are many industry leaders and national and local government bodies.

He continues to develop products and services to help protect our systems aganst cyber-attack.

  Frank began his career developing electronics, software and systems for postal automation including the first real-time application of microprocessors in letter coding desks at Redhill.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology committed to value creation and capture through technology.

He managed electronics, software and systems technology projects with divisions of the Brown Boveri Kent and ABB Kent groups, ultimately as Design & Development Director responsible for the full range of P4000 Distributed Process Control Systems, many of which are still in use around the world.

He introduced and supervised manufacturing scale-up to many thousands per year of a number of key industrial grade products, including a digital process controller, a fault-tolerant power supply unit, and a range of highly integrated multi-functional units forming the powerful Kent P4000 Distributed Control System.

These systems were subsequently used around the world in the cement, chemicals, food and beverage, paper, oil and gas, steel, and water treatment industries.

At Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), he managed the Systems Division developing bespoke software and systems for companies in the automotive, communications, defence, medical and transport sectors.

He spent his second five years leading CCL’s Technology & Innovation Consulting activities, and created the group focused on the technology sector, leading substantial cases for major European clients and several Investment Banks.

In Arthur D. Little’s global TIME industries practice, he initially took responsibility for marketing into Europe’s electronics industry before successfully leading the project to demerge the global TIME practice into c-quential, Inc. a new global company that was to be listed on Nasdaq.

He has subsequently advised a number of government departments on issues as diverse as access to finance for technology start-ups, international trade support strategy, and inward investment strategy. He continues to develop and challenge business plans for technology spinouts and startups and international expansions with a particular focus on technology for communications, financial services and security

  He has:
  • advised hundreds of North American and European businesses on aspects of their expanion into and on from UK
  • advised a number of national clients on strategies and tactics to attract Foreign Direct Investment
  • developed business plans for private and public sector start-up operations
  • led the development of an international trade strategy to support the UK's engineering sector
  • advised a regional developmet agency on ways to improve trade and investment links with China
  • helped small firms increase the investor-readiness of their operations, including improving their business plans
  • advised a regional development agency on the need for improved access to finance in support of early-stage businesses
  • advised various establishments on their susceptibility to and mitigation of security attacks, including fraud and terrorism
  • led commercial and technology due diligence studies for investors in a range of communications, control, display, instrumentation, and printing companies
  • identified key issues in engaging international participation in a planned Innovation Park
  • advised many international companies on aspects of their development process incorporating strategies to minimise risk of increased project-specific costs
  • identified opportunities for SMEs arising from emerging technology
  • developed and operated a “virtual” Technology Intelligence Unit for a major broadcaster advising the Board of the potential of emerging digital technologies
  • led, for a major international electronics company, a programme to identify ways to raise revenue substantially in its control systems business
  • rescued a number of major automation and communications projects that were seriously missing their cost/time budgets and performance milestones
  • led a series of innovation workshops for a European manufacturer of optical-quality glass
  • led a team advising a European manufacturer of displays on how to bring a novel flat display technology directly from research laboratory to production plant
  • led, for a major European Telecom operator, a study reviewing the business strategy and assessing the alignment of the R&D programme
  • advised companies on how to raise the productivity of their R&D and engineering departments
  • led a review of a development programme that integrated various ultra-precision machining components to create a world-leading machining centre
  • assessed the degree to which a major chemicals company had fallen behind in its use of advanced process control, identifying key areas for improvement
  • demerged a global technology consulting business
  • assessed the attractiveness of interactive television for a major electronics manufacturer
  • developed, and applied with clients, a number of novel technology strategy tools
  • initiated, managed, and hosted a very successful series of Innovation Dinners
  • presented papers, including “Assessing Strategic Risk in the Innovation Portfolio”, “Defining and using Technology Platforms”, “Fourth Generation Maintenance”, “Impact of Emerging Technologies on Innovation”, “Make, Collaborate, or Buy”, “Raising Knowledge Capital ..”, "User-created content - threat or opportunity?", “Virtual R&D – will technology make it universal?”A model to support security system design” "Access to Finance for Technology businesses"
  • founded Vecta Consulting Limited - committed to high levels of client service at considerably lower costs than possible from major consultancies
  Vecta’s strategic themes are:
  • aligning innovation with strategy;
  • improving business effectiveness;
  • making buy, collaborate, do decisions;
  • reducing time to cash;
  • internationalising technology-intensive business;
  • and vision-led strategy

Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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