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  Vecta on Reducing Time To Results - and Cash
  Departmental accountabilities can lead to cash problems in companies as R&D is evaluated by its performance in introducing products on-time and on-budget, Sales by achieving headline order volumes, and Manufacturing and Engineering by getting the goods shipped and/or commissioned on-time.
All might be well if there were no delays and all customers paid the full price on time.

With delays, discounts and late payments however, costs are still being incurred, bonuses being paid, but nothing is coming in, and cash is being squeezed all the time. No longer the concern only of the CFO and small businessman, the cash chain needs to be understood better and taken more seriously in all businesses.

Everyone has a part to play in shortening the cash chain and helping every member of staff understand their role is just as important as getting product and service quality right.

Accelerating product development, removing complexity, trading discounts for faster payment, linking bonus payments more directly to cash received are some of the techniques that should be considered to reduce time to cash. The customer who pays promptly really should be king.

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