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  The Proposition:

A range of affordable jewellery products that detect increasing risk of an imminent medical emergency in sufficient time to mitigate the risk of attack and/or its long-term consequences.

The Need:

Today, millions of people worldwide die or are seriously incapacitated by a "surprise" heart attack or stroke for which they did not get timely access to expert medical attention.

Those victims of heart attack, stroke etc who get expert attention within 45 minutes are much more likely to survive and with much reduced damage to their ongoing quality of life.

  The Business Case:

The need will be met:

  • mass-market - revenue from algorithm royalties or component sales to jewellery and personal electronics manufacturers
  • low-volume - direct on-line sales of personalised products for high-profile early adopters

We anticipate three classes of purchaser:

  • critical illness and/or key man insurance providers will offer premium discounts for wearers of WellBeing products
  • "at-risk" elderly or frail people living alone at home and some distance away from the worried relative will have devices bought for them
  • worried well will buy devices for themselves to increase their own peace of mind

Together these market demographics represent a substantial market opportunity for our core technologies, delivered in several cosmetic forms.

The company expects to focus in the long run on a "royalty from IP licences" business model


The Technology:

Our core technologies fall into two groups:

  • technologies which analyse vital signs and detect major health threats to improve "threat risk assessment"

  • technologies which reduce "time to care" by alerting the wearer, bystander or emergency services

Our core technolgies can all be protected by patent in key markets.

While we expect to develop an adequate set of core technologies, we are always open to partnerships that potentially bring superior performance or value to our proposition.


The Team:

At this stage, Frank Morris and associates are developing the vision for this range of products that will revolutionise our approch to preventive healthcare

Noone wants to die or be seriously incapacitated for several years from an avoidable event yet many of us literally dice with death each day by ignoring signs which indicate an increasing threat to our wellbeing. WellBeing Health prodcucts help us become more aware of increasing risk giving time to modify our behaviour or, in extreme, move closer to care facilities or call for help.

Our Technology Experts Network is dedicated to exploring developments in technology. This involves projecting the likely evolution of technologies, identifying potential markets and understanding revenue models and valuations.


Our extended network ensures we have the expertise to help you solve just about any business or technology problem.

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