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  We have special versions of our mainstream products to suit the specific needs of the SME; including our 1-day special!

Aligning Innovation with Business Strategy Improving Business Effectiveness Developing a Buy - Collaborate - Make Strategy Reducing Time to Cash
Which business or technology innovation should I apply next - and why? How can I best balance profit from one area of my business with investment in another? How can I be sure my people really are doing things the best way?

How can I get my ideas into the market more quickly?

Are we doing enough to develop new markets, products and services? How can I delegate parts of my existing role so I have time to focus on other things? Can I get cash more quickly from my new ventures? How can I choose the best ideas to back?
How do I keep everyone focused on what I know we must do to survive and grow? Is my business investor-ready? How can I assess whether or not planned features of new products or services really will deliver profit? Can I align my cost more closely with my cash flows?
Vecta has low-cost, high-value ways to answer these and many other business questions. And remember, the first day is free of charge to SMEs!
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